Neon Zinn - 24hr. Extrapolation - HEADGEAR IX (2021) – FIVE AND DIAMOND
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Neon Zinn - 24hr. Extrapolation - HEADGEAR IX (2021)

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$ 1,250.00

This is a one of a kind piece of wearable art made for the Five and Diamond Ninth Annual Headgear Art Show and shown on June 18, 2021.

I've been creating wearable forms with rope for the past 9 years. This headgear piece came from some mysterious corner of my practice; an internal pressure to try something new. brought all the materials into play. There were vague intuitions, one or two basic sketches, and eventually the collection of custom pillows, straps, ropes, bolts, and pounds of beeswax. During this time I flipped through a book of Samurai armor and helmets, watched Rick Owens latest runway shows, read apocalyptic detective novels, observed plants growing in my garden, took walks in the swamp, watched lighting storms at midnight, and spent a lot of time at home making my Neon Zinn ropewear. Once the large U shaped collar was finished, I sensed the tone of the piece and everything else fell into place.


Dyed and cast pure beeswax, dyed cotton rope, bolts, dyed muslin, recycled poly fill material (inside pillow). 


All of the black objects, the collar piece and head planks, are made from uncoated molded beeswax, so be careful when handling. Small nicks from fingernails, etc. are not out of the question. /// For wearing, the chin strap should be snug (it is adjustable) and the top head pillow should be centered. The back of the head strap (also adjustable) has a small rectangular pillow that adds comfortable tension for front and back movement. There is some side to side movement, just beware of the piece sliding out of position on the top of the head. When fitting, lift the piece off the mannequin head using the large central plank and the main pillow, NOT the thinner parallel planks. Once fitted there is good range of movement as long as it stays snug on top of the head. The large U shaped collar piece is designed to hover above the shoulders and around the neck.

All headgear sales are final. Due to the unique nature of these works of art, coupon codes will not be accepted.