Miss Velvet Cream - Sentinel - HEADGEAR VII (2019) – FIVE AND DIAMOND
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Miss Velvet Cream - Sentinel - HEADGEAR VII (2019)

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This is a one of a kind piece of wearable art made for the Five and Diamond Seventh Annual Headgear Art Show and shown on August 2, 2019.

Embroidered hood with ribbon tie and appliquéd cap with strap. Organza in sheer black with thin metallic silver embroidery in an ornamental motif. Long grey grosgrain ribbon ends on oversized teardrop shaped hood that floats slightly around the head. Cap in black cotton lining and braided strips of dark silver plisse stretch poly and red pleated taffeta with patchwork base. Upcycled scrap leather strap and d-ring closure.

Fabrics: plisse, organza, braided taffeta, leather, cotton. 

Piece consists of two pieces which can can worn together or separately. Tags in the nape of the neck. Size variable but not for a very small head.

All headgear sales are final. Due to the unique nature of these works of art, coupon codes will not be accepted.



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