Mikie Graham aka Zombiemonkie - The Eyes Have It - HEADGEAR VIII (2020 – FIVE AND DIAMOND
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Mikie Graham aka Zombiemonkie - The Eyes Have It - HEADGEAR VIII (2020)

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This is a one of a kind piece of wearable art made for the Five and Diamond Eighth Annual Headgear Art Show and shown on June 12, 2020.

Inspired by the Eyeball's use in secret society iconography, I created this one of a kind custom leather Bomber helmet with face mask and "Hoodwink" glasses as an "initiates headpiece" into some unknown secret society.

Encrusted with taxidermy eyes representing the Reptilian and Grey Alien races that are said to covertly inhabit our planet and influence all parts of society.... how illumi'naughty ;)

All detail has been painstakingly hand painted


Leather, brass grommets, jar lids, taxidermy eyes, optometrist glasses, 16mm film projector lenses, paint.


Bomber Helmet straps under chin and adjusts to fit most sizes.
Face mask snaps into place over nose and is also adjustable.
Glasses can be worn up on the forehead, or down over the eyes by adjusting the head strap, or removed completely if desired.

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