Five and Diamond Cage Corset Gauntlet - Twill – FIVE AND DIAMOND
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Five and Diamond Cage Corset Gauntlet - Twill

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$ 125.00

These unique leather gauntlets have a corset on one side for adjust-ability but they also have snap closure on the back. That way once you set your size on the corset, you can use the snaps for an easy on/off... no need to tie each time!

  • Super sturdy double layered Twill
  • Gauntlets are sold as a pair.
  • Wear them forward or backward.
  • Strings are extra long so it can expand a lot.
  • Tie the extra string around the wrist or cut it off.
  • Designed by Five and Diamond
  • Ethically Handcrafted in Bali


  • Small:    Cuff: 5" to 7"     Forearm: 8.5" to 10.5"
  • Medium:   Cuff: 5.5" to 8"   Forearm: 9" to 11.5"
  • Large:   Cuff: 6" to 10"   Forearm 9.5" to 13"