Eyecon Dust Storm Hoodie – FIVE AND DIAMOND
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Eyecon Dust Storm Hoodie

$ 80.00 $ 210.00

Eyecon's Dust Storm Hoodie was designed for quick easy protection from dust, sun, or social angst.... Simply zip up the hood all the way, Tie the ties on the back of the hood to adjust fit, and hid away from all the dangers this world has to offer!
Goggles mounted into the hood give wearer a clear field of vision, while the two vents mounted into the hood provide excellent ONE WAY release of hot air.

*AS IS. Super Discount due to zipper being sticky on some hoodies AS IS

*Made from Black 100% combed Cotton
*Adjustable Ties on the back of hood
*Inset plastic goggles
*Inset one way vents
*Can lightly fog with heavy movement... but easily fixed with anti fog spray
*Ethically handcrafted by Eyecon Cosplay


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