Meet the Makers

Do you know where your clothing comes from? 

All of our in-house lines are tailor-made in an open air workshop in Bali, Indonesia. We believe in living a good life and treating people fairly, and we are proud to support a woman-owned workshop. The tailors we work with are artisans, perfectly aligning every pinstripe, creating each piece with attention and care. We appreciate their hard work and dedication and are so proud to call them family. Find out about our friends below and meet your makers! Because really you should know where your clothing comes from.


What is an open-air workshop?

An open air-workshop is just what it sounds like - a large open space with plenty of natural light and ventilation. We love being there, it is so cute! The tailors we work with are paid fair wages and work a reasonable amount of hours, overtime is optional and compensated accordingly. Unlike a factory setting (how most clothing is made) where workers are pushed to hit quotas and are crammed into small spaces with poor lighting and ventilation, the Five and Diamond makers are able to work on a variety of tasks and projects in the comfort of a normal 8 hour work day. 


Why is ethical production important?

The fashion industry is infamous for creating a disposable culture. But, as humans, we will clothe ourselves our entire lives. The comfort of the clothes we wear every day should reflect a comfortable living for the people who make those clothes. It is all too often we see news surrounding the mistreatment of workers and horrible working conditions all over the world. We are working to build up the positive impacts of a global fashion industry, while choosing consciously not to participate in fast-fashion culture or sweatshops. This is not only reflected in the price of our clothing, but the quality of the pieces. It is impossible to get the care and attention we have in our designs without the love and commitment of the tailors responsible. 

By supporting ethical production, you are taking another small step to an overall better world. 



Five and Diamond Bali Workshop Ethical Production


Five and Diamond supports ethical production and supports a woman owned workshop.


Meet your makers! If you purchase any Five and Diamond in-house lines then you are supporting these fine people working for an ethical company where they are considered family. 


Yanti is the boss lady. Fiercely independent with a giant heart, she is the glue that holds it all together. She is not only the Mama of the workshop but also has 2 amazing children. She is so proud of her daughter who recently received her Master’s Degree in Public Relations, while her younger son is a talented artist who just entered university for graphic design. Check him out on Instagram. Yanti's passions are her work and her children, and she has spread her motherly love to everyone. We are so happy to have found her and her workshop.

Mr. Suripto is the humble master tailor responsible for teaching and recruiting much of the workshop staff from his home village of Banyuwangi, East Java. He is a hard working, simple but happy husband and father of 3 children who rides his bike to work everyday (which is super rare in Bali). Since 2008, he has been the senior tailor and pattern maker. Everyone at the workshop looks up to him and we love him so much.

Mr. Toni, our Senior Tailor, was born in Banyuwangi, East Java. He and his wife have three children and one grandchild in the village. Mr. Toni started working for the workshop in 2008 and has become the Papa Bear figure we all have grown to love. You will find him bringing everyone homemade treats (especially known for his delicious soups) or making tea for folks on rainy days. His smile brightens every day. 

Matt was born in Banyuwangi, East Java and has been with Steam Trunk since 2008. Like many of our tailors, he was taught by Mr. Suripto in his home village and spent many years traveling to work around Indonesia. We are so happy that he found this workshop and has stayed so long - he has found his home. Matt is an artist and brings a real passion for the design to the workplace.

Robi was born in Banyuwangi. As a teenager, he learned to sew with Mr. Suripto, his village neighbor. In 2008, he joined the workshop family. Robi is awesome in so many ways - he is always willing to learn new things whether it's how to improve a pattern or improve his own mind, he is open and always taking in new experiences, coming out a better person in the end. 

Haris was born in Banyuwangi, surrounded by tailors. “I get my skill is because almost all my neighbour is sewing person, knowing my environment almost anyone can sew”. He has been with the workshop since 2012, and we love every minute of working with this kind and patient man alongside of his mad sewing skills. 

Mufid was born in Banyuwangi in 1987 to a single mother. He gained his sewing skills from his village neighbors, who worked as tailors. He started fixing jeans to help his grandmother while still in junior high. He has been a member of this workshop since 2009. Mufid has a big heart and has grown a lot since we have known him. His talent in sewing lies across the board and he is an invaluable player on the team.

Eka was born in Banyuwangi, East Java. She is the eldest of three brothers (making her wise + tolerant ;) and has an 11 year old son. She learned to sew in 2000 and in 2006 opened her own tailoring business with her then-husband. She came to work with Steam Trunk in 2013 and we are always so happy to see her as it's always like working with a good friend. She is always quick to run and help whoever is in need and takes good care of the workshop space as if it were her own. We appreciate her so much!








P.S. Thanks for making it this far down the page! You rock!

P.P.S. If your t-shirt cost $11, I promise you that someone (and more likely, everyone) down the line was treated unfairly to get it to you. 

P.P.S. Even consider reducing the amount of fast fashion you buy can make an impact. But choosing for quality, over quantity is better for everyone.