Eyecon x Miss Monster Cthulhu Cult Robe / PRE-ORDER – FIVE AND DIAMOND
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Eyecon x Miss Monster Cthulhu Cult Robe / PRE-ORDER

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$ 444.00

H.P. Lovecraft fan looking for the ultimate Halloween costume? Cthulhu Cultist looking for that perfect ceremonial attire? Eyecon Cosplay / Miss Monster have the solution!  Lovingly made from a high-quality matte black poly, this Lovecraft inspired hooded robe features highly detailed embroidery over its entirety: tentacle designs up the front and back, Sigil of the Gateway on the back, Cthulhu Chant across both sleeves and hood. solid brass Cthulhu closure at the neck, and an interior breast pocket to hold any and all wizard goods. The luxurious red interior lining and piping on all seams makes this masterpiece truly come to life.
  • Ornate Embroidery
  • Solid Brass Cthulhu Cape Closure 
  • Giant Hood
  • Interior pocket
  • Robe Designed by Eyecon Cosplay
  • Tentacle print + Cthulhu Clasp adapted from the art of Miss Monster
  • Made in Small Batches by Five and Diamond

SIZING (Length from shoulders to bottom of robe )
S/M: 45"
L/XL: 52"


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