Catalyst by Miss Velvet Cream / Headgear 2016 – FIVE AND DIAMOND
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Catalyst by Miss Velvet Cream / Headgear 2016

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The Catalyst transforms the moment yet remains unchanged. This two part set is for the portal opener, the interdimensional warrior, the dancer in between Time, the traveler between dusk and dawn, the Nomad. The black lamb leather oversized hood is covered in unique stitching and fully lined, with long strap to wear under shoulders and across back. When worn back, the edges of the hood make a winged extension over the shoulders. The diadem is tight and shaped to the head, under the hood, only the sparks over the ears and at the crown are visible. Worn as a statement piece, it invokes the imagery of the 13th century with the late 1920s, all captured in these eggs of sparkling glass beads that reflect and radiate the light. There is a small leather brim at the top of the center front of the crown, the piece can be worn further back on the head or pulled lower forward. The piece is designed to fit firmly, so you can dance, both feet off the ground, bass worship, and it all stays in place. When you need a moment to disappear, pull up the hood. When your diadem shines, all radiates around you. For the warriors of Light, for the Timebenders.
  • Hood: Extra large shaped fully lined hood, upcycled lamb exterior and straps, with custom stitching, upcycled poly/cotton rip stop lining: all black, chrome d-rings on strap
  • Diadem: Upcycled lamb straps, satin ribbon, glass beaded appliqué in egg shape, black net, embroidered black lace, elastic stretch panel.
  • Handcrafted
  • All headgear sales are final. Due to the unique nature of these works of art, coupon codes will not be accepted. Any coupon code used on headgear will be immediately refunded

Note: the diadem is intentionally snug brand new. As you wear the piece, the leather will sculpt to your headshape and create a custom fit. The hood, leather side out, is weather resistant. Hang from straps if it needs to dry. The pieces can easily be worn as separates though they are designed as a set. Also the hood can be turned upside down and can hold a coat or jacket and the strap left long and slung over the body, for a long night that trails into the day. 

Diadem: spot clean with water with soft rag, air dry. Hood: Can be handwashed in mild soap to clean the lining. Air dry in the shade, on long stick holding shape of the hood. 
To store: Gently fold the diadem in half and slip inside hood, also laid
flat in half. Wrap straps around. Diadem can also be stored on a
standard foam head.