Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks – FIVE AND DIAMOND
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Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks

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$ 42.00

These thigh high, heavyweight, super soft Merino wool stockings are thick, durable, very long, and best friend on a cold winter day.

  • One Size fits most.
  • 99% Wool with less than 1% Nylon in the top of the cuff.
  • Made in USA
  • Shoes available HERE

*Due to the natural fiber content of these socks, they will not stay up long term on their own. To wear them as over the knee style, need to use garters or wear them over leggings. Otherwise they will be a slouchy style which is still cute.



Launder inside-out. Hand wash or machine wash Cold on Delicate cycle. Do not Bleach. Wool MUST be line-dried to retain size. Machine dry if they stretch and want them to shrink.

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