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Five and Diamond


About Us
We are a boutique, fashion house and socially conscious small business in San Francisco's Mission District specializing in Future Forward Fashion. Since 2007, we have pioneered alternative fashion, produced clothing and accessories in an ethical way and supported independent designers from all over the world. We believe there is no wrong way to be yourself, and we encourage everyone to defy definition.

Future Forward Fashion - what does it mean?
It means that we look forward instead of backwards for our inspiration in running our company and with the designs we produce. We believe that the future is all we have and we must do everything we can to preserve this world for future generations.


Things we believe in: 
  • Being yourself, whoever that is. Whether you are punk, goth, belly dance, hip hop, techy, festival goer, Burner, steampunk, normcore, weirdo, straight, gay, bi, trans, gender fluid, hater of labels, cheese ball - we love you all and welcome you to our world!
  • Treating everyone fairly, from our vendors to our makers to our customers we want everyone to get the same treatment that we would want ourselves
  • Slow fashion, if your new shirt cost $6 - that's not something to be proud of - that means that the person who made it (and likely everyone down the line) was not treated fairly.
  • Alternative fashion, leave the basics to everyone else - we are interested in statement pieces, in the bold and interesting.
  • ART - Art is life! So many of us creatives were shunned growing up for being different and art saved our lives. We celebrate art every chance we get.


Why Bali?
We produce our designs in Bali because it is very special to our hearts. We love the culture and lifestyle of visiting such a beautiful country. The people in Bali are the kindest, biggest smile people who infuse art into their everyday lives. Every space you visit is like a work of art - wood carvings and statues everywhere, every place has an offering in front that is made from beautiful folded leaves, flowers, incense and treats.

Please don't think of sweatshops when you think of Bali because no one produces there because it is cheap or easy - the Bali lifestyle does not allow it. People in Bali choose a happy life over an unhappy workplace. If you treat them wrong, they leave your employment. We choose to produce there because the tailors we work with are artists who spend a great amount of care and give so much love to the work they do. Read more about our makers here.


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