Blamo Toys Limited Edition Swampy – FIVE AND DIAMOND

Blamo Toys Limited Edition Swampy

$ 100.00

"An ancient Blamoville legend tells the tale of twelve brave Knights of the Rainbow round table and the one golden king who's wisdom and kindness brought the once chaotic swamp lands into the peaceful and pristine existence that all of the citizens of Blamoville enjoy to this very day."

This brightly colored series of custom wooden figures by Blamo Toys / Mikie Graham consists of 12 hand painted Swampys each featuring a newly added point of articulation, a brand new arm sculpt, and its very own removable metal sword. Every "Knight of the Rainbow" comes packaged in its own silk screened and hand-detailed cardboard display box.

In addition, whoever finds the "sword in the stone" accessory inside their box will receive the "Golden King" igure for free!

Please note that all Blamo toys are handmade and despite our efforts to create the perfect art figure, each toy is unique and may contain minor imperfections... or as we like to call it, character.


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