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We are currently looking for Event Help.
 - No Regular Hours || Fill in when Needed at SF store || Find Events to vend at
 - best for someone who freelances and wants extra hours in a creative environment
- Pay will be a day rate with bonuses for meeting sales goals.

What we are looking for?

- Enthusiasm and a Positive Attitude matter most of all for these this position. It is a lot of service work and talking to the public. It is for the extrovert and perfect for those who love people. It's a people position really! :)

- Bonuses for retail experience, vending experience, festival experience, a love of fashion, a love of art, a passion for life, skills of any kind...

- We are an open community who loves everyone. Discrimination of any kind will not fly here... so haters need not apply.

- Must have your own vehicle and driver's license.

How to Apply::

Please send your cover letter and resume (pdf or jpg format) to jobs@fiveanddiamond.com.
Please let us know your availability and why you would be a fit for this job.


We are always happy to have interns in our San Francisco location - learn the inside of the fashion industry while having fun. Email jobs@fiveanddiamond.com with a resume and what you can bring to the table if interested.

Do you love Five and Diamond and want to yell it from the roof tops? We appreciate that incredibly and want to reward you for it. Write to contact@fiveanddiamond.com for a referral code - earn trade value for purchases made using your code.

We rent to approved projects for a fee. Please write to contact@fiveanddiamond.com with information about your project. (Note- stylists renting without permission first will have no options for return so be sure to contact us first!)

Need a stylist for a photo shoot? We have stylists available in San Francisco with the options of 5&D styling the pieces you provide, 5&D providing the jewelry and accessories for your clothing or vice versa and 5&D providing the full wardrobe for the shoot. Write to stylists@fiveanddiamond.com.

We love art and life and are inspired to collaborate with designers, photographers, stylists, models, and performers in a variety of ways. If you are interested to make art with us, please send your project proposals to contact@fiveanddiamond.com.

We are always looking for more independent designers that create new, beautiful, high quality things to carry in the shops. If you feel your line is a fit for us, please send photos and line sheets to buyer@fiveanddiamond.com.

We wholesale some of our in house lines. Write to wholesale@fiveanddiamond.com for information and line sheets. Please provide us with your website when you write. Thanks!





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