Eyecon Dust Hood – FIVE AND DIAMOND
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Eyecon Dust Hood

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One Size

Eyecon's Dust Hood is the perfect gift the that nameless henchmen.
Goggles mounted into the hood give the wearer a clear field of vision, while the two vents mounted into the hood provide excellent ONE WAY release of hot air.
The ties on the back pull the goggles tight and make this truly a "one size fits most" hood.

  • *Hood = 100% combed cotton
  • *One Size
  • *Adjustable Ties on the back of hood
  • Drawstring around base of neck.
  • *Inset plastic goggles
  • *Inset one way air vents
  • *Can lightly fog with heavy movement... but easily fixed with anti fog spray
  • *Best for festival use, not current mandates cause of the out vents, need to wear a mask underneath.
  • *Made in Small Batches by Five and Diamond
  • *Designed by Eyecon Cosplay


*Please note - this hood was not designed or intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition. 


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