Larisa Dust Mask – FIVE AND DIAMOND
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Larisa Dust Mask

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Light, breathable, and comfortably shaped to keep faces clean and warm. The Larisa Dust mask features an extended neck cover that can be tucked into a shirt, tied a second time around the neck to be short or worn over any outfit you may have on for extra protection. Perfect for traveling, airplanes, smog, gardening, dust, festivals and snow. 

  • Scarf is big and tied twice - see last photo for full scarf
  • 2 layers 100% breathable cotton knit
  • 1 layer of Poly-fil Quilting batting
  • Trimmed with White/Gold/Black Cotton Fringe
  • Attaches behind the neck with elastic Velcro straps. No tying needed!
  • Shaped for your beautiful face and nose
  • Made in Small Batches
  • Designed by Five and Diamond


*Please note - these masks were not designed or intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition. 



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