Steam Trunk Triumph Vest

$ 190.00

Steam Trunk Triumph Vest is made from either cotton twill and leather (grey version) or wool pinstripe and leather (black version). This beautiful piece gives great shape with brass snap closure and a corseted back featuring hand cast custom Steam Trunk D-Rings. The leather epaulette pieces have functioning snaps so you can attach your purse to you when you go for a night on the town. You can also use them to add fun accessories like chains or ribbons. Two functioning pockets on the sides are perfect for your small valuables.

Wear this piece alone or over another top, can be dressed up or down.

Size 2: bust-30"
Size 4: bust-32"
Size 6: bust-34"
Size 8: bust-36"
Size 10: bust-38"
Size 12: bust-38"
Size 14: bust-44"
Size 16: bust-46"
Size 18: bust-48"
Size 20: bust-50"
Size 22: bust-52"

A Five and Diamond Exclusive.

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