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PSKaufman Alley Tall Boot - 1052

$ 499.00

if dolly parton and slash had a baby girl, this is what she'd wear! loooooove this western, but not western boot... a little bit country, a lotta bit rock n' roll! with an exclusive embroidery design and all the usual psk details, she'll be breaking' hearts from l.a. and n.y. to nashville!

this colorway is finished with the psk playa wash... each playa model is hand-finished and washed with lava, a process which was developed and remains exclusive to pskaufman... the outcome? boots that have already trekked for miles in the desert without ever being worn!

introducing the ALLEY construction... this new last is out to give its solesisters a run for their money. with a 3" heel, double leather sole and 32 metal nails and 32 wooden pegs (in each pair) to secure the shank area, the ALLEY construction will elevate your shoe game to new levels.

toned down, but ready for action; gets to the point in any situation...

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