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KMRii Natural Oiled Jet Vest (Red)

$ 720.00


If you slain a dragon and made a vest, it would probably look like this. Rare red leather variant of one of our best sellers. Only 3 exist on the entire planet!

  • 100% goat leather
  • Detachable zippered hood measures 14" x 9.5"
  • Meticulous stud & staple detailing
  • Adjustable front and back straps adjust length from 20"-28"
  • Leather braiding in back
  • 4 pockets per side 
          - 3"x4"x1" snap/buckle closure
          - 7"x6"x3"snap/buckle closure
          - 11"x8"x4" zipper closure 
          - 9" x7"x2" zipper closure  

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